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MagneGlobe – Magnetic Globe

Waypoint Geographic MagnegGlobe - Blue (boxed)

The Blue MagneGlobe is a 9- inch metal sphere that features blue oceans and vibrantly colored landmasses. There are a few hundred relevant geographic landmarks, references, borders and topographical features. A stainless steel stand at a diagonal inclination supports the sphere so that it can be rotated to the left or right for complete access [read more]

The Antique Oceans MagneGlobe: Fun and Geography

Waypoint Geographic MagneGlobe - Antique

The Antique Oceans MagneGlobe features a 9-inch metal sphere with lots of geographical and political features. A stainless steel sphere is mounted on a stand of like material at a diagonal angle. Included are 32 magnetic pins to be used as bookmarks for various places of interest. The globe can be rotated in either direction, [read more]