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The Monaco Antique Ocean Floor Standing Globe

Waypoint Geographic Monaco Globe - Antique

Geography and aesthetic intersect in this beautiful 20-inch illuminated floor standing globe. The Monaco is sure to grace any office, home or entryway with elegance and sophistication. There are 1,000s of descriptions featuring various landmarks, and unique cartographic features such as the routes of old sailing vessels. This beautiful floor globe is comprised of an [read more]

The Geneva Blue Oceans Floor Standing Globe- A Geography and Decor Piece

Waypoint Geographic Geneva Globe – Blue

The Geneva Blue Oceans Illuminated Globe is fantastic addition to any home, office or library. The 20-inch sphere features detailed geopolitical descriptions of landmasses and the oceans. The classic stylings and topographical features enhance any space that can accommodate it. The globe is mounted on a beautiful hardwood Duncan Phyfe Style 3-Leg Stand Featuring Metal [read more]

Monaco Antique Floor Standing Globe

Waypoint Geographic Monaco Globe – Antique

The Monaco Globe floor standing globe features a 20 inch illuminated sphere with antique oceans. There are over a thousand topographical features, landmarks, political boundaries and reference points. The internal LED provides the options to use this globe as a backdrop or night light. Cartographic features such as old trade routes are visible when the [read more]

The Lyon Floor Standing Blue Oceans Globe

Waypoint Geographic Lyon Globe - Blue

The Lyon Globe is a 15-inch illuminated floor globe that features several thousand geographic landmarks and descriptions. Borders, topographical features, and detailed cartography make this an excellent reference tool. The illumination enhances the detailed cartography of the map. The sphere is mounted on a slender wooden stand and features a full meridian. This makes navigation [read more]

The Maranello Floor Standing Blue Oceans Globe

Waypoint Geographic Maranello Globe – Blue

For a classic yet modern globe the Maranello is an excellent choice. A large and impressive piece to grace an entryway or boardroom. The Maranello is a masterful accompaniment to any space that can accommodate it. This illuminated floor standing globe features blue oceans and the latest topography and cartography. A 20 inch sphere rests [read more]