GyroGlobe Stars

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Waypoint Geographic GyroGlobe 4-inch Stars and Constellations is compact but packed with interesting information about the constellations. Featuring the signature Waypoint Geographic swivel and tilt technology this globe is easy to rotate in any direction. A semi-meridian and sturdy stand adds functionality to this cute, little model. The assembled globe is 5.3 inches in height.

Use this one of a kind miniature globe to plan an evening of star gazing. Learn to identify the different constellations and their places in the midnight sky. Gain a better appreciation of the Milky Way Galaxy. The navy blue globe is similar in color to the night sky and is the perfect size for little hands.

Item Specifications
Diameter: 4 in
Assembled Size: 5.3"h x 4.5"w x 4"d
Globe Surface: Smooth Surface