Animals Around the World 100 Piece Puzzle

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Embark on a global safari with the "Animals of the World" 100-piece jigsaw puzzle! Perfect for animal lovers and young naturalists, this puzzle presents a vivid and joyous illustration of the animal kingdom spread across the continents. From the majestic African elephant to the adorable panda bear of Asia, from the towering moose of North America to the regal lion, this puzzle is a bustling menagerie of creatures, both wild and domestic. Each animal is beautifully depicted in its natural habitat, with the name proudly displayed, inviting children to a world of exploration and discovery within the animal kingdom.

Educationally enriching and endlessly entertaining, the "Animals of the World" puzzle offers children a window into biodiversity and the wonders of wildlife. As kids piece together the continents, they'll learn about the varied species that inhabit our planet, fostering a sense of global awareness and a deep appreciation for nature. The puzzle's diverse array of animals helps cultivate curiosity and conversation about ecosystems, conservation, and the environment. Through hands-on engagement, children can develop their cognitive skills, such as pattern recognition and logical thinking, while nurturing a love and respect for the living creatures that share our world. This puzzle is an inviting adventure for any young learner eager to learn more about the fascinating animals that roam the earth.

Item Specifications
Assembled Size: 13" h x 19" d