The Monaco Antique Ocean Floor Standing Globe

Waypoint Geographic Monaco Globe - Antique

Geography and aesthetic intersect in this beautiful 20-inch illuminated floor standing globe. The Monaco is sure to grace any office, home or entryway with elegance and sophistication. There are 1,000s of descriptions featuring various landmarks, and unique cartographic features such as the routes of old sailing vessels.

This beautiful floor globe is comprised of an antique oceans acrylic sphere mounted on a masterful wooden stand. A full, numbered metal meridian is useful for navigation and contrast nicely with the classic design. This globe is an excellent piece for a variety of interior space. Libraries, studies, and entryways are spaces that would accommodate this impressive globe.

Imagine faraway places to visit and explore. The cord exits the globe at the attachment between the globe and meridian at the south pole and includes an inline switch to easily turn the globe on and off.