Mariner II Illuminated Globe: Waypoint Geographic Signature Collection

Waypoint Geographic Mariner II Illuminated Globe

The Mariner II Globe is a part of the Waypoint Geographic Signature collection. This 12-inch globe features blue oceans and a numbered semi-meridian.

Waypoint Geographic maps include a significant amount of detail within the cartography. There are over 4,000 descriptions included. Political boundaries, landmarks and other features are designated.

All of the descriptions are updated with each production cycle to ensure accuracy. A two-tiered, cherry wooden base supports the sphere.

The rich colors are an excellent compliment to a variety of interior decor styles. The internal LED provides the option to use the globe as a night light. All of the cartography and description are enhanced by the illumination. The Mariner II is a great centerpiece or backlight for any room. It is a convenient size for placement on a desktop, bookshelf or other interior space.