Hemispheres Boardroom USA Laminated Wall Map

Hemispheres USA Boardroom Wall Map

Tis the season for shopping, gifts and globes. There are so many options for gifts at this time of the year. Check out this beautiful map of the United States. This large laminated map is perfect as an option for wall cover. The deep antique beige makes it a classic accompaniment to any room.

The states are featured in various colors and a detailed legend makes it easy to identify different states, their capital cities and other landmarks.

The Hemispheres Boardroom USA Laminated Wall Map is a excellent reference tool. The laminated surface promises durability and means that it can be used as a travel checklist. Keep track of places visited and mark them off as you go.

Any person who is interested in United States geography or history would enjoy this map as a gift. This is also an excellent choice for a student in school to help them become familiar with all of the states and capital cities.