Globes with 2 in 1 Map Cartography

Waypoint Geographic Maranello - Illuminated

Waypoint Geographic offers many globes with a hidden secret, that is 2 in 1 map cartography. What is 2 in 1 map cartography? Good question!

In simple terms it is the ability to see two differing map styles on the same globe. How this is achieved is not so simple. When buying a flat map of the world such as those you may feature on a wall, you will generally find two styles, either a political map or a physical map.

Map Styles

The political map is a simple map of the world that focuses on highlighting political boundaries such as countries or continents by delineating each area by lines or shading. Certainly you have seen a map in which each country has its own color variation, making identification easy. This is the makeup a basic political map.

A physical map on the other hand will generally show a vegetative or relief pattern with various shadings of green to tan representing the temperate nature of the landmasses. When you are looking for a physical representation of the earth, this would be your choice.

Layering Cartography

Now imaging if you took both of those maps as shown on our globe example and placed one on top of the other. On a flat paper wall map you would not be able to see the various features of both maps without sitting them side to side. However, layering the cartography on a globe and using illumination within the globe you will be able to see both styles. One when illuminated and one when not.

Creating layered cartography to provide this feature takes quite a bit of time to get correct as you are printing two maps on the same sheet, one printed on one side (physical) and one on the reverse side (political) that need to match up perfectly when illuminated.

Finished Look

Now that you have your globe that features 2 in 1 map cartography, simply turn on the illumination to see the cartographic variations. Some of our Antique style globes may include enhanced boundary shadings when illuminated. They may also include many cartographic features that only become present when the globe is illuminated. Several of our illuminated decorative globes feature reversed ocean and landmass colors. For example, when turned off the globe may feature silver landmasses with white oceans. Then when illuminated white landmasses and silver oceans.

In the end, finding a globe that features 2 in 1 cartography can add many features over a standard globe. Most of all, find the globe that fits your decorative or educational needs. If it is available with this feature it will simply bring more value and more viewing pleasure.

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