LeviGlobe Levitating and Revolving Globe


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Product Description

LeviGlobe 4-inch Levitating and Revolving Globe is more than just an educational globe it is a conversation starter and it rotates on its own!

The LeviGlobe technology heralds a breakthrough in the art of magnetic levitation and realistically simulates how the Earth is suspended in outer space.

The LeviGlobe makes a great gift for a friend or a loved one, or even yourself! Observe the Earth the way it was meant to be observed actually levitating in space and touching nothing but air! With the LeviGlobe, you can recreate how the Earth is magnificently poised in space in your very own home or office. The chic and stylish electromagnetic base uses very minimal power to create a magnetic atmosphere in which the LeviGlobe can truly levitate and rotate!

Suspended in mid-air, this 4" globe defies gravity, inspiring wonder and amazement in both young and old. Everyone who sees this delightful, realistic levitating world globe is captivated by it, who ever said that superior technology couldn't be breathtakingly beautiful?

The LeviGlobe will draw attention whether it sits atop your desk at work or graces the mantle of your home. Let this gorgeous world globe join your finest belongings!