Versus Floor Globe (Antique)

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Discover the Versus Globe, an elegant and informative centerpiece perfect for any setting. This non-illuminated, heirloom-quality globe features a 24-inch diameter with a sophisticated antique ocean map. Its unique political map style is enhanced by a one-of-a-kind labeling system where each country's name is presented in its native language with an English translation in parentheses, offering an enriched educational experience unlike any other globe.

The Versus Globe stands out with its durable construction, combining an acrylic globe sphere, a sturdy metal base, and a metal meridian, all supported by a beautifully handcrafted walnut hardwood stand shaped in a distinctive "V" design. The full-swing meridian mounting allows for a seamless 360-degree viewing, making every exploration an engaging experience.

With dimensions of 51 inches in height, 24 inches in depth, and 29.5 inches in width, this globe is one of the tallest and most imposing in the floor stand category. It’s crafted using the latest edition map, ensuring that all geographical data is current and up-to-date.

Whether used as an educational tool, a decorative element in your home or office, or a thoughtful gift for a world traveler, the Versus Globe combines timeless style with functional design, promising to be a valuable and lasting addition to any collection.

Item Specifications
Diameter: 24 in
Assembled Size: 51"h x 24"d x 29.5"w
Globe Surface: Smooth Surface