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Introducing the Mercatore Globe – an enchanting blend of historical charm and modern cartographic details. This 24-inch decorative floor globe boasts a political antique ocean map, delicately tinged with a subdued yet varied color palette to facilitate straightforward country recognition. Its surface is intricately detailed with thousands of up-to-date named locations and points of interest, bridging the gap between a functional reference tool and an ornamental masterpiece.

The globe's design draws inspiration from the traditional stands of the 17th century, enriched with a sumptuous walnut finish that exudes a sense of classical elegance. This aesthetic is further enhanced by a brass-colored cradle-mounted meridian, which not only contributes to the globe's aesthetic allure but also provides a practical function. It allows the sphere to rotate left or right and pivot side to side, ensuring a comprehensive view from any angle while maintaining a single standing position.

The assembled size measures an impressive 37.5 inches in height, with a diameter and width of 33.5 inches, making it a commanding presence in any room or office space. Whether for educational purposes, as a guide to world travelers, or as a sophisticated focal point in your decor, the Mercatore Globe stands as a testament to both the art of mapmaking and the timeless appeal of traditional craftsmanship.

Item Specifications
Diameter: 24 in
Assembled Size: 37.5"h x 33.5"d x 33.5"w
Globe Surface: Smooth Surface