Introducing the Colombo Globe, a 24-inch masterpiece that perfectly marries functionality with elegance. This decorative floor globe showcases a contemporary political map with antique-styled oceans, enhanced by a vivid color palette that simplifies country identification. Boasting over a thousand up-to-date named places and points of interest, the Colombo Globe stands as a valuable reference tool and an opulent interior decor feature.

Set atop a modern metal stand, the globe benefits from a full-swing meridian mounting, allowing for smooth left-right rotation as well as vertical exploration without moving an inch. Its copper-toned finish not only complements the numbered meridian and the rich hues of the globe's oceans but also harmonizes with a wide array of room decors.

The base, weighted and carefully sculpted, provides stability and poise, ensuring that the globe maintains its position with grace. The Colombo Globe is not just an ornamental piece; it's an invitation to discover the world from the comfort of your home or office.

With dimensions of 51.5 inches in height, 29.1 inches in width, and a depth of 24 inches, this globe is a statement piece for any space. Crafted with an acrylic globe with paper applied map and metal components for the base and meridian, the Colombo Globe promises durability along with its stylish appearance.

For those seeking the latest geographical information, the Colombo Globe delivers the most current edition, ensuring its status as a timeless educational resource. Explore the globe with ease, style, and accuracy—the Colombo Globe is more than a globe; it's an exploration of worldly sophistication.

Item Specifications
Diameter: 24 in
Assembled Size: 51.5"h x 24"d x 29.1"w
Globe Surface: Smooth Surface