Voyager Plus Illuminated Globe

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The Waypoint Geographic Voyager Plus Illuminated Globe is an ideal choice for anyone passionate about geography. Whether you're a curious learner, an avid traveler, a dedicated geography teacher, or a researcher, this 12-inch globe with its antique ocean-style and detailed cartography is sure to appeal to you.

The illuminated display of the globe features an internal LED light and an inline on/off switch that highlights its cartographic features, making them easy to read. Additionally, the light provides a subtle backlight for any space it occupies, enhancing the ambiance and adding a touch of sophistication.

This comprehensive world globe includes over 4,000 named places and points of interest, subtle geopolitical boundaries, and named ocean floor topographic features, making it an enriched learning or exploration experience. The Voyager Plus Illuminated globe features a metal die-cast numbered meridian and is elegantly presented on an octagon-shaped wooden base, enhancing its durability and appearance. Measuring 16" in height, 13.5" in width, and 12" in depth, this globe is suitable for any space, be it home, school, or office, offering a stylish and informative display.
Item Specifications
Diameter: 12 in
Assembled Size: 16.5"h x 13.5"w x 12"d
Globe Surface: Smooth Surface
Light Bulb Type: Type E12 Base max 25 W, 120V - 60Hz or LED equivalent
Power/Electric Requirements: 110v Electric Outlet (USA, Canada & Mexico)