iConic Silver

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Step into a world of refined style with the Waypoint Geographic iConic Globe, now available in a lustrous silver tone. This globe embodies the fusion of modern sophistication with a minimalist cartographic design, emphasizing elegance and a clean, graceful form.

The 12-inch diameter acrylic sphere is a statement of both substance and style, elegantly complemented by its sturdy amorphous polymer base. The base's subtle silver matches the sphere, creating a cohesive and stunning visual appeal.

The iConic Globe's silver edition departs from conventional educational globes by prioritizing its role as a piece of contemporary decor. Its restrained cartographic lines serve to highlight the globe's function as a striking decorative element, making it an ideal piece for those with an appreciation for modern design and understated beauty.

Ideal for placement in a variety of settings, from a sleek corporate office to an avant-garde living room, or a serene, modernist bedroom, the Waypoint Geographic iConic Globe in silver is more than an educational instrument—it's a versatile and enchanting ornament. With its cool silver sheen, it's sure to inspire and captivate while adding a dash of chic sophistication to any space.

Item Specifications
Diameter: 12 in
Assembled Size: 16"h x 12"w x 12"d
Globe Surface: Smooth Surface