iConic Midnight Blue

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Discover the epitome of modern elegance with the Waypoint Geographic iConic Globe, presented here in a captivating midnight blue. This globe marries sleek design with a minimalist approach to cartography, emphasizing chic, decorative features and a simple, sophisticated silhouette.

With its impressive 12-inch diameter, the globe's acrylic sphere makes a bold statement while maintaining a delicate balance that fits into various interior styles. The amorphous polymer base enhances its contemporary allure with a subtle yet stylish presence that anchors this exquisite piece.

This midnight blue variation of the iConic Globe is designed with an emphasis on decor over didactics, showcasing understated geopolitical demarcations that underscore its primary function as an elegant design object. It's the preferred selection for those with an eye for design, a penchant for minimalism, and a desire for objects that reflect a modern sensibility.

Perfect for an upscale office, a chic living space, or a tranquil reading nook, the Waypoint Geographic iConic Globe in midnight blue transcends its educational origins to serve as a compelling work of art. This designer globe is not just a tool for exploration but a centerpiece that adds a touch of class and inspires a global perspective.

Item Specifications
Diameter: 12 in
Assembled Size: 16"h x 12"w x 12"d
Globe Surface: Smooth Surface