Our World 12" Inflatable Globe

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"Our World" is an inflatable globe that serves as an excellent educational tool for introducing young children to the political aspects of the world. As they inflate the globe, they can spin it to learn about the geographic locations of different countries, borders, and their respective capitals. This hands-on experience provides an engaging and exciting way for children to discover the world around them, and they can even toss it around with friends.

Inside the box, "Our World" includes a Zoom Info game that teaches children how to travel and provides simple explanations of the countries and continents. With this game, children can explore and learn about different cultures and regions, broadening their understanding of the world. This educational set is a fantastic way for children to discover the world and learn about the beautiful diversity of our planet. countries and continents.

Item Specifications
Diameter: 12 in
Assembled Size: 12" Diameter Inflated
Globe Surface: Smooth Surface