GeoClassic Coin Bank

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Discover the GeoClassic Coin Bank Globe – an engaging and educational 6" desktop globe that doubles as a savings tool for both kids and adults alike. This colorful and vibrant globe features a detailed map that is perfect for teaching geography or planning your next global adventure. Not just a learning aid, it also serves as a coin bank, complete with a slot for saving money, making financial education fun and interactive.

The GeoClassic Coin Bank Globe offers a playful way to explore the world's continents, countries, and oceans, all from the comfort of your desk. Whether you're a young student eager to learn about different cultures or an adult looking to save up for your dream trip, this globe is the perfect companion.

Constructed with durability in mind, the globe is mounted on a sturdy base, allowing for easy rotation and stress-free handling. Its compact size ensures it won't take up too much space, yet it's large enough to make an educational impact. You can also remove the globe from the stand/meridian and easily access your savings. Encourage curiosity, financial responsibility, and global awareness with this unique two-in-one globe – an ideal gift for anyone who loves to learn and save!

Item Specifications
Diameter: 6 in
Assembled Size: 8.5"h x 6.25"w x 6"d
Globe Surface: Smooth Surface