United States Kid's Sticker Book

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Set out on an exploratory trip across the United States with Waypoint Geographics's "United States Sticker Book." This interactive sticker book is a treasure trove of educational fun, providing children with the opportunity to learn the geography of the U.S. through engaging sticker play. The main page is a blank map waiting to be filled with the reusable vinyl state-shaped stickers, from the rugged outlines of Texas to the smooth borders of Ohio, allowing young geographers to build America one state at a time.

As children match the vinyl stickers to their silhouetted spaces on the map, they'll also discover charming symbols and elements unique to each region. Placing the Hollywood sign in California, a palm tree in Florida, or a saxophone in Louisiana isn't just fun; it's a conversation starter about what makes each state distinctive. This sticker book isn't just about learning state names and places; it's about connecting the dots of cultural identity, natural wonders, and historical landmarks that define the United States, creating a colorful tapestry of the country that is as educational as it is entertaining.

Item Specifications
Assembled Size: 11"h x 8.5"w