Our World Kid's Sticker Book

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Waypoint Geographics "Our World" sticker book is a vibrant gateway to learning, providing a fun and interactive way for kids to discover the geography of our planet. Filled with four pages of reusable vinyl stickers, children can create scenes of global diversity, from the animals of the African savanna to the architectural wonders of Europe. The repositionable nature of the stickers allows for endless exploration, encouraging young learners to imagine and construct their own versions of the world while enhancing their fine motor skills. 

 This sticker book is more than just an activity; it’s an educational tool that introduces children to a variety of cultures, landmarks, and ecosystems across the globe. Placing the stickers in their geographical context helps to solidify the knowledge of world geography, making learning an engaging and hands-on experience. With each sticker's journey across the map, the "Our World" sticker book turns the complexity of our earth into a simple, enjoyable, and memorable learning adventure.

Item Specifications
Assembled Size: 11"h x 8.5"w