Animals Around the World Kid's Sticker Book

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Embark on a wild journey with Waypoint Geographic's "Animals Around the World" sticker book, where the animal kingdom comes alive in the palms of your hands. This interactive book is a menagerie of vinyl stickers showcasing creatures from every corner of the globe, inviting children to match each animal to its natural habitat on the accompanying map pages.

From the majestic African elephant to the cuddly Australian koala and the regal North American bald eagle to the elusive Asian panda, kids will place each animal sticker on the specific region it calls home. This captivating activity serves not only as a fun game but also as an educational odyssey, teaching children about biodiversity, animal behavior, and conservation. As each sticker finds its place on the map, the "Animals Around the World" sticker book transforms into a vibrant tapestry of wildlife, turning each child into a young naturalist embarking on a thrilling voyage of discovery.

Item Specifications
Assembled Size: 11"h x 8.5"w